The Sunday Basket System

Are looking for support in getting your paper organized? This is the answer!

I am now an Organize365 Sunday Basket Certified organizer! I have been using this system since October 2019 and it keeps my busy life orderly. Managing a household, a business, and a family is a lot to juggle. I’ve always been organized, but have struggled more since starting a family. This system is what I needed to capture all the thoughts that race through my mind in any given day. I forget less, save money and have less anxiety over forgetting things. This system can be used by anyone. Here are a few key points on what the Sunday Basket will do for you:

  • Collect your incoming paperwork

  • A place hold everything until you have time to process 

  • Act as a tool to help you to plan your week for maximum efficiency

  • Keep your papers at your fingertips so you can take action on them

  • Teach you the skills of organization for paper

 I am excited to share this system with you!